Sunday, September 28, 2008

Portrait #2: Sarah J.

Today I drew Sarah before we went to the gym. Sarah spent her 10-15 minutes looking at the No Doubt CD (Tragic Kingdom) which was sitting on top of the stereo. While I was drawing her she told me about how she and her ex-boyfriend's mom and her shared their looks and interests in common. One example is a talent for writing; Sarah is a brilliant fiction writer, which is such a known fact that her parents heard it through the grapevine. Sarah moved her arms around a lot so I couldn't really correct them, but judging from her position in this picture I think she likes the drawing even though her body is pretty out of proportion. Here is a closeup of the face:

The first time I depicted Sarah 2-dimensionally was in an oil painting in May of 2007. I was doing a painting series about the way that the internet and computers isolates people. My sitter for this particular painting was upset with the way I depicted him (sick and lonely) and about the connotation of the paint color (green). At the time I misunderstood his anger and had nightmares that he would come into the studio at night and destroy it, despite the fact that it was due in a week. I clearly needed a quick solution! So Sarah saved the day (and my conference work) by offering her lovely face. Mostly what I changed about his face is the many little planes on the nose, made his eyelids look thinner, and his lips rounder on the sides. Below is the Martin-Sarah hybrid, in a piece titled "Hybrid" (to play on the organic/geometric//human/machine concept).

Sarah's rating: 4 out of 5

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portrait #1: Hannah M.

This weekend I drew Hannah with a graphite stick. She had a somewhat bored expression in the drawing although she was more expressive since she was talking to Megan and Sarah. Having sat in the round bucket chair, she looks trapped in or disgusted by, our apartment, or maybe her new job as an RA. I accidentally drew her hands too small, but I think their silly quality makes it look like Hannah is unconsciously fiddling with them out of nervousness. Hannah asked me not to draw her to look round and Irish, referencing Brian having asked me not to draw him skinny and Jewish. (I had an easier time following Hannah's request.)

Portrait rating: 4 out of 5